Johnson & Johnson is a large corporation operating in the health sector. Since its foundation in 1886, pharmaceutical products and products for the maintenance of health and human hygiene have been manufactured on production lines. In addition, the company manufactures medical equipment and diagnostic devices.

Using Johnson & Johnson products, you can adhere to an active lifestyle, take care of infants, preserve beauty and care for loved ones. The process of creating new products, along with the improvement of technologies that enhance the quality of life of people, confirms the benefits of Johnson & Johnson for society.

“We feel responsible to the society in which we live and work. Therefore, we are always trying to fulfill our civic duty: to support good endeavors and charitable actions, to honestly pay taxes, we must contribute to improvements in the social sphere, health care and education”

Johnson & Johnson’s Management

Starting from 2017 J&J in partnership with SOS started the joint education project “Grow Happily” that aims:

1. To increase the knowledge and skills of parents and foster-parents on productive interaction with their children who are lagging behind in the school curriculum

2. To increase the interest of children in learning through alternative educational classes and through individual approach

3. To help children from Lugansk oblast to mitigate the consequences of war trauma that causes the lagging behind school program

4. To help teenagers to prepare for entering colleges and universities

The project is currently ongoing and already has its positive result.