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Child at risk

Sometimes parents are, for various reasons, not able to care for their children alone; sometimes children lose their parents or never knew them. These are the children we help.

Moments of happy childhood

We make it possible for children to live as children – to feel loved, protected, and comfortable enough to build good memories.


We help families create a loving and nurturing environment where children can always feel at home – a place to which they can always return.


We know a child should be at the heart of a secure, loving, long-term relationship with a parent or carer, who provides positive guidance, trust and support.

Brothers and sisters

Our aim is to keep families together. If this is not possible, we strive to ensure that brothers and sisters grow up together, so that they can keep their own shared history and build a shared future.

Education and personal growth

Our aim is to enable children to develop into adults who have the skills to take responsibility for themselves and contribute to their communities.

Childhood in cultural diversity

We work to ensure that every child is able to form his or her own convictions – following beliefs, being true to cultural roots and respecting those of others.


All children should live in a family that will support them to reach their full potential.


Each child should have a good place to grow up – a familiar environment, where their needs are put first, and where they can build their confidence and learn in a positive, supportive community.

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